Smartthings Process


Initial Storyboard/ Ideas


Sketchup of studio

I did some better iterations of the sketchup model of our studio.


Storyboard sketch

After the sketchup models I printed them and created some storyboards of my ideas.
Some ideas I had were:

If window is opened then heater stops.

If it’s AM and more than 3 users are seated then coffee port turns on.

If sensor senses motion then light turns on.

If user approaches studio then activates speakers (music).

If taboret is opened without user presence then sends notification.
Personally, I liked the music and toboret idea the most, so I decided to expand on those.

For the music idea, I thought that the kind of music that turns on should vary depending on the time of the day, for example, during the day it would be upbeat, and at night it would be calm.

For the taboret idea, I considered different ways that the notification could get sent, including phone call, pop-up notification, and text message, and thought text message (since it is already an available feature on IFTTT) would be ideal.

I also played around with the idea of using GPS to detect the users’s location (in studio or not) but it was very laggy and the detection area was too broad so I ditched the idea.


Video storyboard/ demo

Turned my taboret storyboard into a video.



Improvements and New Features


After the first critique, I got some new ideas as to what the trigger should set off and how to keep track of the thief once the taboret is opened.

Austin mentioned FoodCam (which I wrote as Food Camp on my notebook) which is a live-view camera of the food-area(?) in MIT MediaLab.

I was inspired by this and decided that I would put the time lapse camera to use like a CCTV or a video camera to record who is stealing what.

This camera, along with the notification would be triggered by the taboret opening when the user’s presence is not in studio.

I wasn’t sure if I should have the camera conceptually placed in studio and out in the hall or just in the studio.


Addition to Storyboard

I sketched some new scenes that would need to be included / filmed for the video.






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