Future Studio Process Pt.3


After talking with my professors, I got some references which I was inspired by.

Slurrp is a physical way to slup up physical and digital information to move them around in the digital environment.


Droplet saves digital information such as events and calendars to move to different digital platforms by placing them on screen.


2015-12-16_223617I received most of my inspiration from a project called TELETOUCH from MIT Media lab. It allows you to remotely control devices that the user shines the camera to.


Initial Ideas

I realized that my previous ideas do not really identify a problem in the studio and that the scale of the projects may be too big and unnecessary. I decided to pitch the ideas and start fresh.


The problem I identified in the studio was the burial of useful information/ resources. 

The lack of directions as well as time in getting to these resources  makes us miss some important information.  Since the process of having to open up the blog, find the right categories to look at the helpful videos etc… is a very unnatural process and we often forget about doing it, I wanted to weave it into a daily routine.


From my previous ideas and inspirations, I realized that I was intrigued by doing something in the physical environment that corresponds to an output in the digital environment.

I referred back to project 2 with Smartthings and if the technology is possible to work backwards so that doing something ins the physical world could relate to something being done digitally.


My idea was to tag things in the physical world which would react by sending a message/links to selected user once they come in contact with the tag.

Because I had limited time due to jumping around ideas, I had to come up with quick concepts.

While I didn’t want to limit this concept only to mobile, but as for now I thought the phone camera would be the best platform.


I also had different ideas of which features to include such as voice recording, pictures, direct links, videos, etc.. that could be sent to the user.

In the end I decided to include pictures, direct links, and recordings to be sent.

In addition, I thought there should be a way to check how many tags on on which objects so the user would be able to pan around with their camera, which shows tagged object highlighted.



Basic Sketch of Features



Story Board







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